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The Haywill team operates with the highest integrity and our wealth of industry knowledge guarantees customer satisfaction.

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Our major export markets include:


• Japan                   

• Korea                

• Taiwan              

• Hong Kong           

• China        

• Singapore             

• Malaysia            

• Vietnam

• Philippines  


 North America:

• USA                       

• Canada    


Europe including:       

• France                 

• Belgium             

• Germany             

• Netherlands 

• Denmark              

• Austria               

• Switzerland               

• United Kingdom


Established for more than 30 years, Haywill Holdings export chilled & frozen meat to major export markets worldwide. Haywill Holdings represents some of Australia's leading meat processors and exclusive Australian brands.

We are industry leaders in creating long term strategic alliances, starting with the producer right through to the end consumer.

Our Global client base includes importers, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and restaurants.

​We source meat products Australia wide from state-of-the-art facilities. Sea and airfreight services are offered to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Our sales and marketing team specialise in providing chilled and frozen items in all meat and offal categories.



Australia has a population of over 70 million sheep. Our lambs are all free range, grass-fed and sourced from NSW, Victoria and Western Australia. Lambs are graded specifically to our customers’ requirements. All chilled lamb programs offer first and second cross breed lambs.


  • Worldwide export

  • We are one of Australia’s largest non-packer holder of EU sheep meat quota

  • Exclusive exporter of Australia’s leading Lamb brand ‘Jimba’ into EU and Japan

  • Chilled vacuum pack airfreight and sea freights

  • Frozen sea freights of mixed cuts

  • Frozen sea freights of poly stocking net  whole carcases

  • Chilled vacuum pack airfreights to China


With a population of around 26 million head, Australia offers a wide range of cattle from high-end Wagyu to manufacturing beef. Haywill Holdings export all beef categories and source beef from Australia’s leading meat export packers and growers. Our chilled beef programs feature British breed cattle, both grass-fed and grain-fed.

We offer a range of chilled and frozen beef cuts packed to exact customer specifications to allow for maximum shelf life and storage.



  • Worldwide export

  • Chilled grass-fed steer beef

  • Chilled 120 day grain-fed beef

  • Chilled high quality beef air freight

  • Frozen mixed beef cuts sea freight

  • Frozen value add beef such as beef mince

  • Frozen manufacturing beef sea freight


Farmed under the same principals of lamb, the mutton & ram demand remains strong globally due to the lower comparative price to lamb yet similar flavour characteristics. Australia’s mutton & ram exports exceed 150,000 tonnes per year and is sourced Australia wide from Western Australia to southern Queensland and is a key category of Haywill Holdings’ export sales. 


  • Export to Asia

  • Customised cutting specifications for individual customer requirements

  • Exclusive chilled ram programs by air

  • Frozen sea freight of carcases and boxed cuts

  • Frozen bone in and boneless mutton cuts

  • Full access to EU markets with sheep meat quota



Haywill Holdings has been a long standing supplier of premium chilled and frozen Veal cuts.

Australian Veal is broken up into 2 categories: 
Dairy calves up to 70kgs and beef calves up to 150kgs carcase weight.

The Australian veal season traditionally peaks during the months of June to August. Veal is mostly grown on specialised veal producing farms and supply is mainly concentrated in the southern parts of Australia. Veal meat is famous for its light colour, soft texture and juicy flavours



  • Export to Asia and North America

  • All Veal cuts, bone in and boneless by sea and air



Pork is the most consumed meat protein in the world. Australia benefits by having some of the healthiest herds globally, free from many of the diseases many other producing nations face.

Less than 10% of Australia’s production is exported, however pork remains a key segment of our sales.



  • Export to Asia

  • All frozen cuts and pork mince


This division combines with our specialty items and consists of a wide range of niche Australian production and includes venison, ostrich, kangaroo, rabbit, camel, crocodile and buffalo meat. We assist to develop new markets for our producers in addition to sourcing boutique items on behalf of our global client base.



Australia is the world’s largest exporter of Goat meat. Our goats are predominately grown throughout Australia’s rangelands and continue to grow in popularity due to their low fat content. Since the 1990’s goat farming has shifted its focus to meat production from mohair and cashmere, and supply is available on Australia’s east and west coast year round.




  • North and South Asia

  • Skin on goat carcase and 6 way cuts

  • Skin off goat carcase and 6 way cuts



An exciting division of Haywill Holdings, here we take global marketing to the next level. Working closely with importers, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, we develop exclusive product lines to exacting customer requirements.

We also work closely with the producer to develop new brands and items in specific markets to create a competitive advantage.

Supermarket shelf ready airfreight of thermoform packaged lamb and beef is a recent addition to our chilled export.



Offal has a wide range of uses globally, from fine dining French cuisine to manufacturing. Haywill export ‘red’ and ‘white’ offal mainly from beef and sheep meat. We are one of the largest non-packer exporters of offal to Japan which imports more than 20,000 tonnes of beef offal annually from Australia.

We ship frozen sea containers and chilled & frozen airfreights weekly to various destinations.